Franck Polleux

Professor of Neuroscience

Columbia University

Dr. Polleux’s laboratory focuses on the identification of the molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal development in the mammalian brain that will help reveal how perturbations of brain pathways lead to the underlying pathology of such diseases as schizophrenia and autism. Dr. Polleux has recently begun studying the genetic basis of human brain evolution (Charrier, Joshi et al. 2012, Charrier and Polleux 2012) as well as the signaling pathways underlying synaptic loss during the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease progression (Mairet-Coello, Courchet et al. 2013, Mairet-Coello and Polleux 2014). Elucidating the basic principles of gene regulation will permit a better understanding of neurodegenerative disorders and early onset of symptoms.

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